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Why Casino Games Are Now Being Marketed Toward Millennials

What thought comes to mind when you hear the word casino? Is it table games, slot machines, bright lights, or even chips? We want to know. And then, we want to know what you like or dislike about casinos.
Take a few steps back to the 1970’s when casinos were booming. Vegas was better than it had ever been and Reno was what many people called Little Vegas. Trying your luck at the slot machines was such a fun concept. Along with that, people would sit at the slot machine as the coins fell below when they hit that lucky jackpot. It was fun, exciting and a new and unique experience.
Well, that generation of baby boomers had their fun. Some still do as they come down and play the slots, primarily video poker. But what about the new generation? For the most part, many of us grew up with knowledge of casinos, or being in or around them. And as kids, if you ever went into a casino with your parents, you were strongly advised not to touch any of the slot machines. So, what happened? We all grew up and have no interest in playing or tried it once we were of age and weren’t interested? A more logical explanation could be that millennials grew up with video games. They didn’t have to invest money into playing the game and if they lost they could start all over. Plus, the video games brought more of a challenge, a strategy so to speak that the gamer had to accomplish to win.
That’s where gaming companies are headed. On a typical slot machine you pull a lever and hope for all reels to land on the same image so you can win. Many individuals who’ve played a video game before but have never played a slot machine before may lose interest solely on the fact that the game has no strategy. Not anymore. New games coming out by slot machine developers are adding strategy to these games. So now, not only do you have to pull the lever, but now you must tap things and pop things on the screen to gain points.
For instance, Everi Slot Machines has developed a game based off the app Fruit Ninja. This game will entice millennials because it’s Swipe Touch technology will offer bonuses and jackpots based off the skill level of the player. Something millennials are used to doing when playing a video game. The enticing part, is when they win, they actually win money!
Not only do these slot machine experts know how millennials play the games, but they know that they want to see games that are nostalgic and entertaining to them. In the 90’s there were Sex and the City and Wheel of Fortune slots, but now we’re seeing Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory and even The Voice slots. All of these are marketed towards millennials, and, so far it’s working.
The Club Cal Neva has kept up on the latest technology of games and we encourage our millennial guests to come down and try them out. You won’t be disappointed!