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Karaoke every weekend!

Show off your skills or have a duet with your friends at Club Cal Neva’s Karaoke every Wednesday to Sunday.

Reno’s Only Party Pit

Come play Blackjack with our favorite girls in Reno’s only Party Pit!

Best Food for the Best Prices

Enjoy some of the best food in Reno at one of our four restaurants in the casino!

Beer & Betting

Get 5 Bud Lights for $10 and 5 BFD’s for $15!

Top 5 Played Slot Machines

The Top 5 Played Slot Machines


Choosing a slot machine that’s going to be a winner can be a little overwhelming when walking into a casino. With over hundreds of flashing games on the casino floors, it’s hard to choose just one that’s going to be a winner. We took a look in 2016 at some of the games that were played the most during the year and the ones that paid out the most and here is what we found.

Our hottest slot machines in the casino were the Buffalo Gold. We rarely see these machines empty on any given day. If there’s a favorite in the casino world right now, we would definitely say that these are it. This slot game gives out bonus games that you’re highly likely to win some of the highest valued winning payouts while watching those gold coins fall down your screen.

Our next popular game is our Video Poker machines. It’s a classic video slot that people just can’t seem to get enough of. Players love playing at these machines because they can try their luck a little better. Being able to hold cards and having a little better chance allows our players to get the most out of their dollar with a great chance of winning big!

Then we have our television and movie themed slots. These are extremely popular with our customers because they’re relatable. You can play a machine that’s based off of your favorite show and you can even win big! How could you not love to play these ones? Our most popular of the television/movie themed slots are our Walking Dead slots. We have several of them located on the main floor next to the Virginia Street entrance. Give them a try next time you stop in!

And then, many people play the Three Reel Wheel of Fortune machines. This game is actually one of the most popular games in casinos all over the country. This game comes with many bonus rounds that keep the suspense high until you’re able to hit that spin prize.

Finally, there’s the Megabucks machines that are said to pay the best! People have won at Megabucks machines all over the casinos around the state and we’ve got them right here. Players are noticing the jackpot payouts and want to try their luck with these machines. Playing one of our Megabucks slots could benefit in a great cash out at the end of the day!

Next time you’re down here at the Club Cal Neva, look for the five above slots and give them a try. If other people are playing them as often as it appears, it might be your chance to win BIG! Don’t forget to stop at the Best Bet Club first to pick up your player card. When you track your points with a player card, you can win Free Play, Double Dollar Day promotions, as well as other comps around the casino, all just for playing. Just one of the many reasons why we’re Reno’s Best Bet!