Downtown Reno | 38 East 2nd Street | Reno Nevada 89501 877-777-7303 - Local Phone Calls please dial 775.323.1046
Karaoke every weekend! Reno’s Only Party Pit Best Food for the Best Prices Single Deck Blackjack

Karaoke every weekend!

Show off your skills or have a duet with your friends at Club Cal Neva’s Karaoke every Thursday to Sunday.

Reno’s Only Party Pit

Come play Blackjack with our favorite girls in Reno’s only Party Pit!

Best Food for the Best Prices

Enjoy some of the best food in Reno at one of our four restaurants in the casino!

Single Deck Blackjack

Join the fun at one of our single deck blackjack tables!

Reno’s Only Party Pit

Every weekend is a party with our ladies at the party pit!

Have some fun with our dealers at the Party Pit! Enjoy an exclusive bar, beer pong, blackjack and poker all within feet away from each other. Your weekend party headquarters just got better!


Reno’s Only Party Pit

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