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Karaoke every weekend!

Show off your skills or have a duet with your friends at Club Cal Neva’s Karaoke every Wednesday to Sunday.

Reno’s Only Party Pit

Come play Blackjack with our favorite girls in Reno’s only Party Pit!

Best Food for the Best Prices

Enjoy some of the best food in Reno at one of our four restaurants in the casino!

Beer & Betting

Get 5 Bud Lights for $10 and 5 BFD’s for $15!

Everi Gives Slot Tournaments A Whole New Experience

Playing in a slot tournament has been one of the most popular events put on by casinos for years. Slot tournaments bring people together by playing one of the most loved games in the casino. Pulling the lever on the slot machine and watching your points go up as others around you are hoping for a higher score, how could a game get any better?

Well, it just did! Everi, an innovative casino gaming development company, has changed the way casinos are having slot tournaments. TournEvent is one of Everi’s most recent innovations that they’ve brought to the casino floor and Club Cal Neva just got theirs in. These slot machines have the ability to switch quickly from tournament play to regular slot play instantly. These aren’t just regular slot machines though, these machines are capable of multiple different games, interactive games, and while in tournament mode they allow you to see who’s winning at each given moment.

This experience puts a whole new level of fun on gaming. The small webcam allows your winning face to be shown on the screen above your game to show who is ahead, who gets a bonus, or who wins at the end. Plus, with only a few machines being played at a time, the slot tournaments just became more intense and exciting than ever before.

Don’t worry about when the tournament is over though, these slot machines are still available to be played. The manager on duty is able to switch the machine out of tournament mode so you can keep playing on that machine to gain practice and momentum for the next tournament.

The Club Cal Neva is excited to bring these 12 new slot machines to the first floor of the casino next to the cashier cage. Stay tuned for the Cal Neva slot tournaments brought to you by some of the latest machines that Everi has to offer. We’ve been counting the days for the arrival of these fun games and we’re so excited to share them with you. Come on down and have some fun on the machines and stay tuned for one of the most exciting slot tournaments you’ve ever experienced!