Slot Winner at Club Cal Neva

1.2 Million Reasons Why Cal Neva Slots Rock!

Kelly W. played a penny machine less than 10 minutes when she won 1,297,677.80!

Kelly thought she had won $1,200 until slot attendant Jeremy gave her the good news. Click here to see the video of Kelly hitting the jackpot.

Keno at Club Cal Neva

We've got your number! Play your favorite Keno ticket round the clock and win up to $100,000! Penny-pinchers, play our Penny Multi-Race ticket and win $800 for just one cent! Hardcore keno fans love the progressive 5, 6 and 7 spot game. The 7 spot starts at $17,500! Live Keno 24/7 at the Club Cal Neva.

About Keno

Keno is a lottery-like or bingo-like gambling game often played at modern casinos, and is also offered as a game in some state lotteries. A traditional live casino keno game uses a circular glass enclosure called a "bubble" containing 80 ping pong-like balls which determine the balldraw result. Each ball is imprinted with a number 1 through 80. During the balldraw, a blower pushes air into the bubble and mixes the balls. A "caller" presses a lever opening a tube, where the balls lift one at a time into a "V" shaped tube called the "rabbit ears". The caller and a "verifier" record each of 20 balls drawn, and the computerized keno system calculates all wagers based on the numbers drawn.

Players wager by marking an "X" over the "spot" choices on a blank keno ticket form with 80 numbered selection boxes (1 to 80). After all players successfully place their wagers, the casino draws 20 balls (numbers) at random. Some casinos automatically call the balldraw at preset timed intervals regardless of whether or not players are waiting to place a wager." Read more about Keno on Wikipedia

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