Best Bet Club Membership Rules

Best Bet membership is free!

  1. To enter you must be 21 years old and provide valid photo identification (driver’s license, state identification card, military identification card, passport, or alien registration card).
  2. Club Cal Neva issues each member a Best Bet Club card. Members may not distribute, lend, or allow another person to use their Best Bet Club card for any reason. Membership benefits are for the use of the individual listed on the account. Any fraudulent use of the Best Bet card may result in the cancellation of the account and revocation of all points and comps.
  3. To ensure all points and comps are rewarded, properly insert the Best Bet card into the slot machine. Check the machine display to ensure the card was properly accepted. For Keno/Pit play, present the card to a Keno/Pit employee before you begin play.
  4. You must present your Best Bet card and valid photo identification to redeem points or comps.
  5. Duplicate Best Bet cards are issued with valid photo identification. Club Cal Neva is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or misused cards. Best Bet cards are the property of Club Cal Neva.
  6. Inactivity for a 15-month period will cause membership benefits to expire.
  7. Best Bet members who have been issued credit and are delinquent in repayment of that credit shall have their Best Bet points forfeited until the account is in good standing.
  8. Best Bet Club membership is a privilege and Club Cal Neva management reserves the right to cancel or revoke the membership at any time and without notice.
  9. Persons who have been banned from the Casino/Hotel forfeit all benefits including cash and comps.
  10. Comp dollars cannot be used for gratuities.
  11. Maximum comp point balance is $500. Comp and Cash point balances are for reference only and have no value until validated and redeemed. Management may terminate the Cash Club at any time, and any unused Comp and Cash points may be adjusted or terminated by management at the time the Cash Club is terminated at the sole discretion of management.

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