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Sep 07, 2013

I was just on the Club Cal Neva Website the other day when I realized that we just don ‘t do enough with our blog. Not only that, when I clicked on the blog, I was reminded how sterile and boring it really was. For the past two years, we have only occasionally put content on our blog and then it was really only in press release-style. How boring is that? It almost feels as if we are some corporate robots who have no real connection to our audience past wanting to sell them something.

In an effort to increase a little traffic to our website and get a little more readership to our blog, we are going to try something different. As often as we possibly can, we will be posting something on this blog. It may be something that is happening at the Club Cal Neva (the Neva). It could be something happening in the world of sports. It could be something happening in downtown Reno. Heck, it could just be some silly, random musing for the day. But the promise will be this: We will try to make this blog much more entertaining and written in a conversational format that allows for a dialogue with our audience.

Don’t be afraid to sound off on any of the topics that we cover in the near future. Here’s hoping, through this blog, that we can forge a great relationship…

Oh, and just in case my bosses are watching…$1 16-ounce Bud and Bud Lights @ the NEVA!

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