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Local Business Owner Wins $109,000 @ the Neva!

Nov 20, 2013



Local Business Owner Turns $5 Wager into Six Figure Pay Day

Progressive football contest nets winner $109,000.00


November 19, 2013 (Reno, Nev.) – Most football handicappers (sports bettors) consider it a great week if they are able to win 60 percent of their wagers. If they are able to win eight out of 10 bets, it’s cause for celebration. And no matter what anyone tells you, picking 16 games, whether they are straight up or against the spread is an extremely difficult proposition.

            But it paid off to the tune of $109,290 this past weekend for local business owner Bob Martini. The owner of Pizza Reno in downtown Reno, made a $5 investment in the weekly progressive parlay card offered by the sports book inside the Club Cal Neva, and by Sunday night, he was excited, confused, and anxious about a Monday night contest that could net him a six-figure pay day.

            “I started calling all my friends who play in the contest,” said Martini. “I wanted to try to get a feel for how many people might be splitting this prize.”

            Martini went on to say that all of his friends said they had four and five losses.

            “I figured I had to be sharing it with a small amount of people. I had no idea I was all by myself on this one.”

            Three weeks ago, the progressive card reached its all-time high just north of $107,000 and was split between 37 contestants. It was still a handsome pay day for those contests, but for Martini, who has plans to reinvest the money into another business venture; this record bounty is solely his for the taking.

            The weekly progressive card offered at the sports book inside the Club Cal Neva is a $5 wager where contestants pick 16 different games straight up (winner or loser with no point spread) along with some “totals” (over or under wager). If a contestant picks a perfect card (no losers) then he or she wins the progressive total.

            If the card is not hit that week, 80 percent of the money wagered goes to the next week’s progressive card with 20 percent going to a “back up” fund.

            Because the progressive card was won this week, next week’s card will consist of the back up money (less funds for another back up). This week’s progressive parlay payout is expected to be more than $34,000. The progressive card never starts below $10,000.

            For more information on the progressive parlay card and other parlay cards and betting information, please visit the sports book inside the Club Cal Neva.


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