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Sep 13, 2013

I know that sounds a little like it has negative connotations. But bear with me, it really is a good thing. You see, I like to do parlays. Some people will tell you to stay away from them. But I like them. Sure, you can take a few straight bets and have to lay $1.10 for every dollar that you want to make, but I’m no Kenny B. I have the time nor the patience to put in the requisite study that it takes to pick at the 60 percent clip you need to be a winner in the long run. I’ll save that kind of thinking for the baseball season. Instead, I like to key in on two or three games, put down slightly more money, and know that my payout is going to be bigger if I hit my ticket. So I’ll go ahead and throw $20 on a couple of games in the morning on Sunday and another couple of games in the afternoon/evening. If I win both, I’m up $104. If I win one, I’m still up $32. If I lose both, I’m only down $40.

And if I lose both, heck, if I only lose one of those tickets, I could still end up a $200 winner. All I have to do is fill out any losing ticket (minimum $20 wager) and put it in the drawing drum up at the William Hill Sports Book inside the Club Cal Neva. On Tuesday, I come back to the Club Cal Neva Best Bet Club on the Virginia Street side of the casino, at about 11 a.m. There they’ll tell me if I won a piece of up to a $1,000 prize pool. Five winners are chosen every Tuesday morning out of that drawing drum. Each winner gets their choice of either $100 in free slot play or $200 in action chips.

So even if I’m a loser, I could still be a winner.

There’s more though. The bet doesn’t necessarily have to come from the Club Cal Neva sports book. It really doesn’t even have to come from a William Hill Sports Book. And they don’t have to be football bets. They can be any $20-plus parlay wager and they can be from ANY SPORTS BOOK IN NORTHERN NEVADA!

The only catch is that the when they draw the winning tickets on Tuesday morning, each sports ticket has to be filled out completely, it has to be for the games of that week (Tuesday through Monday prior to the drawing), you can only win once, you have to be 21-years or older and you have to get a Best Bet Club Card in order to redeem your prizes. Not exactly difficult criteria. You don’t even have to be present to win. You have one week to come in and redeem your prize!

So come down and see us this weekend. The football action will be fierce. Tova will be hot . The beer will be cold. And you could win…even if you lose.

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